Meet John Kendall...
As one of only three active GUE technical instructors and the only GUE cave instructor based in the UK, John Kendall has a passion for introducing his students to the world of technical and cave diving. Whether you're looking to 'go tech' or you're a recreational diver who simply wants to improve your skills, control and confidence, John is perfectly placed to help divers of all levels of experience and ability to achieve their diving ambitions.

John Kendall is one of only three GUE technical instructors and the only GUE cave instructor based in the UK. John travels the world teaching a range of GUE recreational, technical and cave classes.

John first became involved with GUE in 2003 after taking part in one of the very first GUE courses to be run in the UK. Putting his GUE training into practice as an active member of the DIR-UK exploration team, John joined the ranks of the GUE elite by becoming a GUE Fundamentals instructor in 2006 and later a GUE Tech-1 instructor in 2009. More recently, John has achieved his greatest ambition - to share his love of cave diving and the wonders of underwater caves as a GUE Cave-1 instructor.

John is proud to be involved in the on-going development of the GUE Recreational programme. John teaches classes around the world, as well as arranging experience trips for anyone interested in GUE diving. John has also been active in growing the GUE community in Finland.

As an Instructor Trainer for GUE, John is tasked with developing and teaching instructor candidates how to be effective and sucessful GUE instructors. He is pioneering the use of online resources for instructor development, as well as helping create streamlined routes for experienced recreational instructors to learn about GUE.

As well as being a passionate advocate of GUE, John is also an active dive explorer in his own right. When he's not teaching, John can be found exploring some of the world's most exciting dive destinations - from the phreatic cave systems of France, Florida and Mexico to flooded mines in Finland and the deep wrecks that lie off the coast of the UK, Malta and Egypt. John loves nothing more than sharing his adventures with others - particularly non-divers - through the high definition video he captures on many of his dives.

Since first learning to dive in 1993, John has travelled around the world diving and teaching. As an active technical and cave diver, he has been involved in a number of high profile diving projects - from support diving with the WKPP on their record breaking cave traverse to archaeological diving in the channel. He is also a Fellow of The Explorers Club.

Diving Qualifications:

  • GUE Cave 1 Instructor
  • GUE Tech 1 Instructor + Instructor Mentor
  • GUE Tech 60 Instructor
  • GUE Tech 2 Instructor
  • GUE Fundamentals Instructor + Instuctor Trainer
  • GUE Rec 1, 2 & 3 Instructor + Instuctor Trainer
  • GUE DPV Instructor
  • GUE Documentation Diver Instructor
  • GUE Gas Blender Instructor + Instuctor Trainer
  • GUE Tech 2+ Diver
  • GUE Cave 2 Diver
  • GUE RB80 Rebreather Diver
  • GUE JJ-CCR Rebreather Diver
  • Advanced Diver BSAC
  • Open Water Instructor BSAC
  • Trimix TDI
Diving Experience:

  • Diving since 1993
  • 3000+ dives
  • 1000+ wreck dives
  • 1100+ Trimix dives
  • 700+ Cave dives
Community Involvement:

  • Member of GUE-UK
  • Project Diver - WKPP
  • Survey Diver on St George Survey Project, Monvalent, France
  • Project manager for Project Baseline Malta
  • Project Diver - Project Baseline Mediteranian Panarea III
  • Project Diver/Photographer - Mars the Magnificant
  • Project Diver/Photographer - Project Baseline Sardinia Caves
  • Founding member of the TEKCamp instructor team
  • Fellow of The Explorers Club


Interested in GUE training? You can contact John by phone...

+44 (0)7798 523110

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Student testimonials...
"Having been diving for two decades, teaching both recreational and technical diving for half of that time, you will appreciate that I have been involved with a significant number of instructors over the years.

I can say, without hesitation, that John is the finest diving educator that I have had the pleasure of interacting with as a student. He is a credit to GUE and I look forward to recommending his classes to others in the future."
Mark S
"Just a quick note to say thank you for your hard work training me in Porthkerris, and helping me get through my first 'for fun' dives in Plymouth.

Despite having some wobbly moments, your support and confident training really helped me enjoy what I was doing - by the end of the week I found myself thinking less about the diving, and more about looking at the fantastic things around me in the water.

Hopefully this marks a great start to a long and enjoyable future of diving for me!"
"I can only recommend John Kendall at the highest level. He is a top notch instructor that always aims for student progress and success. In regards to the course itself, it was the best I ever had.

In summary the top quality program and standards of the course allied with John's teaching makes my overall assessment of this course the highest quality course I've ever attended.

I will recommend GUE and John Kendall as an instructor to all my fellow divers."
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Further Information...

Becoming a GUE Instructor requires a significant commitment in terms of time and energy. GUE does not do any crossover instructor training. All GUE instructors must follow the GUE certification and instructor training process.

GUE's curriculum can differ significantly from that used by other agencies and thus does not allow for effective "crossover" instruction. This policy does not differ based on the type or level of instructor you are or wish to become. GUE instructor training is based around a signature system. Candidates need to gain two signatures in order to gain their instructor status. The First signature can be achieved in a modular manner working with Instructor Trainers, the second signature can only be achieved during a live class supervised by a GUE Instructor Evaluator.

As a GUE Instructor Trainer, John is tasked with helping develop GUE instructor candidates and helping them achieve the first of their signatures. As a global organisation, GUE has divers and instructors all over the globe, but gaining access to instructor trainers can be a logistical challenge for many candidates. John will work with instructor candidates either in person, or via electronic means to help them work through their modules.

If you are considering becoming a GUE Instructor, or are already registered as an instructor candidate and want more information then please get in touch....


Interested in GUE training? You can contact John by phone...

+44 (0)7798 523110

Alternatively, by email...

Further Information...

GUE has a very different approach to instructor training. Many new agencies are characterised by a rapid expansion in their instructor base in an attempt to capture a market share. This has without doubt led to a large variability in instructor quality. After nearly ten years in operation, GUE now has in the region of 100 instructors, worldwide.

It is a long, difficult, process to become a GUE instructor - there are no short cuts, or 'cross-overs'. The instructor training course (ITC) is ten days long, and only 2-3 of these events occur each year. The ITC concentrates on all aspects of the GUE fundamentals class, including all of the open water, dry runs and academic sessions. Candidates will be given not only scheduled presentations to deliver, but will also be required to give a number of impromptu lessons. All of the sessions are followed by thorough debriefings and suggestions on how to improve the quality of the lesson. At the end of this exhausting ten days, candidates are given a thorough debriefing and a 'road map' to becoming an instructor is outlined.

This 'road map' involved interning on a number of live fundamentals classes, and assisting the lead instructor as appropriate. The number of classes to attend will vary depending on the individual candidate. At the end of this internship, candidates must then attend fundamentals class under the supervision of an instructor evaluator. Should the candidate perform well, then the IE may give approval for the student to become a GUE instructor. Two of these approvals, or signatures, are required from two different IE's before the candidate finally becomes a GUE instructor.

As you can see, this process required a very dedicated diver - it takes a long time and a lot of work. However, becoming a GUE instructor is a very rewarding achievement, and will allow an instructor to deliver uncompromising levels of training and to become an important part of an organisation committed to education, exploration and research.


Interested in GUE training? You can contact John by phone...

+44 (0)7798 523110

Alternatively, by email...

Further Information...
GUE Instructor Training with John Kendall